What is the best cat cushion?

How can I recognise a good cat cushion?

A good cat pillow is characterised on the one hand by excellent lying properties and on the other hand by a cuddly, easy-care cover.
Since a cat snoozes and sleeps for up to 20 hours a day, it is very important to pay attention to the quality of the pillow filling. It should be ergonomic and orthopaedic, because cats also appreciate a sleeping surface that is easy on their joints.
And as we all know, a freshly made bed is a highlight for our cats, so the pillowcase should be cosy and easy to clean. If the cat pillow is also perfectly processed, free of chemicals and harmful additives, then you have made the right choice.


According to which criteria should I select the cat cushion?

We have compiled the most important information on shape, size and materials for you here. We also describe the best places to place the cat cushion and give tips on care and cleaning. And we describe in more detail how important a cat cushion made in Germany is for our pets.


1. What is the perfect size for the cat cushion?

Although it is always assumed that cats sleep curled up, this is only partly true. Some cats sleep stretched out on their bellies with all four legs stretched out in front. But there are also cats that love to sleep stretched out on their backs. So before you choose the size of the cat cushion, it is advisable to observe the preferred sleeping position of your pet.

For kittens who like to nap curled up, a round or square pillow is a good choice. The filling should be such that a small hollow is formed into which your pet can snuggle. This way, the kitten is held somewhat from all sides and feels safe and secure. The DIVAN Uno cat cushion fulfils this requirement perfectly.
If, on the other hand, your cat is a back or stomach sleeper, an elongated, rectangular pillow is recommended. With this sleeping behaviour, the pillow should be sufficiently long and wide so that the legs do not protrude beyond the pillow.
If your kitten sleeps in all positions, we recommend a square pillow on which your darling has enough space in all directions.


2. Where is the best place for the cat cushion?

For cats, the best thing is to lie elevated and perhaps somewhat protected. They like to have everything in view without being seen themselves.

A favourite place for the cat is the window sill. If your windowsills are large enough, give your darling the pleasure and equip it with a cat cushion. A heater provides warmth from below and your cat can watch birds and life outside. If you can't find the right size at pet-interiors, we also make to measure. Ask us, we will be happy to make you an offer.
If the windows of your house are floor-to-ceiling, there is a good place to sleep in front of them. Here, too, your pet can keep an eye on everything and still lie protected.
On top of a chest of drawers or a cupboard is also a preferred sleeping place. It just has to be ensured that your cat does not run the risk of toppling over or falling over if it seeks this elevated place. Our Gisela loves to watch us in the office, on top of the filing cabinet, and then doze off.
Does a senior cat live with you and can no longer climb up so well? Then place the cushion in a sheltered spot on the floor. Maybe you can find a place where the cat can see everything and is not immediately seen.
If your cat likes to look for your cat cushion on its own to take a nap, then you can be sure that you have found the right place for the cushion.

3. What is the best cat cushion?

The decisive factor in any purchase must be the quality of the lying surface. Your kitten rests and sleeps up to 20 hours a day and cannot complain to you about a bad mattress. The lying surface should therefore be ergonomic or orthopaedic. The high-end latex filling that pet-interiors uses in their pillows has an incredible lying comfort. The spine and joints of the kitten are optimally supported and the regeneration is optimally promoted. They offer optimal relaxation and are a true wellness oasis for your pet. We have already had complaints because the cat prefers to sleep on its new pillow rather than in bed with its owner. You can also equip the cat cushion with a matching pillow, which makes the rest oasis perfect.

The cushion cover is particularly important for the cat cushion. As we know, cats love it especially cosy, soft and above all clean. That's why we offer all covers for all preferences in different fabric variations and colours. Of course, all covers are equipped with a zip to ensure easy cleaning. In addition, it is possible to purchase several covers for the cat cushion. So you can create a cosy fleece for the winter and a summer bed with the pleasant cotton. For particularly young, sick or older animals, we recommend an incontinence cover to protect the pillow from minor mishaps.


4. How easy is the cat cushion to clean?

If our beds are freshly made, we can be sure that our cat will claim this feeling of freshness and cleanliness first. You can also give your pet this great feeling, because all pillowcases from pet-interiors are machine washable and dryer suitable. If a little mishap should happen, the mite-resistant cushion liners are also machine-washable without any problems and spun properly, dry again in no time. We offer various fabrics for the different seasons and according to your kitten's preferences. Cool, pleasant cotton for the summer, hard-wearing cosy velour for the cold winter. With the cat cushions from pet-interiors you are always on the clean, safe side.


5. Does it have to be a cat cushion made in Germany?

We at pet-interiors believe, absolutely! You should really make sure that the cat cushion has been produced sustainably and with healthy materials, so you can be sure that materials have been used that are free from toxins and chemicals. These days, almost all cat pillows and pet products come from Asia. The cat beds produced there are loaded into containers and shipped to Europe. To prevent the goods in the containers from moulding due to the temperature fluctuations and humidity on the high seas, the containers are fumigated with appropriate chemicals before they are closed. Another time, so that insects and small animals that have nested in the goods do not survive the transport to Europe. We at pet-interiors only use materials from domestic production for beds and upholstered furniture that have been tested and inspected. This way you acquire a healthy natural product for your pet.


6. Is the cat cushion sustainably produced?

At pet-interiors, we attach great importance to sustainable production. All products are produced by skilled workers in Lichtenfels, Upper Franconia. Due to the existing supplier structure of the local upholstered furniture industry, we are able to source all the materials we need in the region, from foams and upholstery materials to packaging cardboard.

All products are lovingly handcrafted with the best materials by skilled workers. This guarantees durability for the life of the animal. It is not unusual for the cat cushion to be passed on to the next generation, with the same high quality of lying comfort. Since all covers are washable and individual components can be bought later, the durability of the cat beds is almost unlimited. It is therefore unnecessary to buy a new cat bed every year. So you offer your cat excellent lying properties and a clean cat cushion for a lifetime.

You can make yourself and your cat happy by providing your darling with an excellent quality cat cushion. There is almost nothing as beautiful in this world as seeing our house tigers in the best of health, rushing blissfully along.