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Here you will get detailed informations about the materials of our beds, recommendations and Awards.

Orthopedic cushion

Orthopedic pillow with High-Quality-Latex-Filling

An adequate and ideal lying position must be the top criterium when it comes to choosing an dog and cat bed. Normal commercial pet beds are usually filled with foam plastics with very little density, with rests of thin polyester fleece and foam plastics or polystyrine balls. They are usually far too thin and not stable enough, resulting in your dog and cat ending up sleeping quite soon on the hard, cold floor. Such fillings do not offer your pet the necessary point elasticity for a proper support of the spine and of the joints.

Our orthopedic cat cushion and dog pillow inlet was specifically developed and optimized for pets. The pillow inlets are filled with high-quality-latex-flakes (Oeko-Tex certified) with an extremely high density. As a general rule, the higher the density, the more elastic, durable, sustainable, and the better will be the support effect of the cats and dogs pillows and their capability to regain shape, as well as their support of the main position changes when sleeping. Thanks to the high density, the pet pillows maintain their stability and shape for a long time, remain permanently elastic, are hardwearing and last for very long time.

The excellent point elasticity of our latex filling moulds perfectly to the individual shape of your cats or dogs, in order to avoid any compressions on the intervertebral disks and moving joints of the spine. An excessive compression on the spine would interfere with its regeneration.

Thanks to the optimized height of the pet pillows - which varies according to the size and weight of the pets - and to the specific latex filling in their core, our indoor pillows for cats and dogs offer a perfect sensation of lightness and relaxation for their spine and their joints. Besides, it is possible to minimize or even avoid bedsore and pressure sore, especially in elder cats and dogs or in animals affected by hip joint dysplasia or arthrosis. Such category of pets is helped to stand up thanks to the natural boost of latex.

Through the usage of latex, our cats and dogs pillows are anti-allergic, antibacterial, and regulate humidity and temperature. Latex also has antiseptic characteristics and is very unlikely to be attacked by mites.

The padding is absolutely noiseless when the animal moves, thus enabling a quiet and restorative sleep. Latex offers an excellent capability of suspension and to regain shape in the position changes, as well as ensuring a perfect relaxation and regeneration of your beloved pet.

Care of the latex cushion
If necessary, the cushion can be machine-washed at 60º C. Drying at low temperature in tumble dryer.



Orthopedic-dog-coushion-Divan-Uno-fleece-red-pet-interiors Orthopedic-dog-coushion-Lounge-Buffalo-Leather-pet-interiors Orthopedic-dog-bed-Bowl_Felt-red-pet-interiors

Viscoelastic memory foam mattress

Viscoelastic pet beds

A wrong sleeping berth can cause muscle tension and bone-joint deseases even with healthy dogs - just like with humans. Mattress covers with memory foam help the body to recover ideally during sleep and rest periods. This high-tech-foam reacts to body temperature and weight. Thanks to its pressure reducing feature the memory foam dog bed lets your dog sleep in a relaxed and natural position and relieves joints and muscles.

The mattress, made out of 100% viscoelastic memory foam, adapts perfectly to the body, prevents pressure points, and promotes an ideal pressure distribution to every body region (normal foam materials react to counter pressure). While laying down the spine will be kept straight, evenly supported, and in the proper anatomic form. It eases tensions, joints will get relieved, and it can lessen pain. The memory foam dog bed helps the blood flow and promotes a healthy, deep, and relaxed sleep.

Scientific studies show that humans turn a lot less from one side to the other and wake up more relaxed when sleeping on memory foam. Because of that visco-elastic foam is perfect for our orthopaedic dog beds.

Our memory foam mattresses are from very high density, are breathable, and temperature adjusting. Because we are only using 100% memory foam (no sandwich-combination of normal foam and fleece) our products are first grade quality. Our dog beds and pillows are produced by a brand-name manufacturer for human mattresses here in Bavaria. Our manufacturer doesn't distinguish between human and animal when choosing materials and produces the products. The orthopaedic dog bed will stay true to form for years.

This high-tech material was developed by NASA to reduce the pressure on their astronauts during the start and re-entry phase. The mattresses have been used already for years in patient care to avoid bedsores and also on operating tables since it promotes ideal blood flow.

The benefit of our viscoelastic memory foam dog beds:
- optimal relaxation of potential pressure sore.
- improvement of the blood circulation
- decrease of backache and muscle pain
- controled accommodation to every body zone
- thermo active hardness regulation
- no muscle tenseness in the shoulder and ridge musculature
- preventing decubitus pressure sore

We recommend our memory foam dog beds particularly with regard to
- arthrosis and preventing arthrosis
- dysplasia of the hip joint
- dysplasia of the elbow
- spondylosis
- overweight
- older dogs
- after surgeries

Memory-foam-dog-mattress-wool-felt-faux_leather-pet-interiors-Peter Memory_foam-viscoelastic-dog-bed-polar-fleece-pet-interiors-Paul Viscoelastic-memory-foam-dog-mattress-microfiber-pet-interiors-Mary

5-year warranty

5-year guarantee on the pillow filling


Even after 5 years our pet pillow will stay in form and your pet will never push thru the floor.
That’s what we promise and that’s where you get the guarantee for.

We have experience with our orthopedic pillow fillings since 2004.
In all this time we do not had a single complaint due to clumping or declining elasticity of our latex filling.
Rather the contrary.
The response to the excellent and lasting quality is consistently positive.
You are welcome to read this on our reference page.
Many of our animal pillows have already survived one pet generation and the animal bed is passed on to the next 4-legged family member.
Of course, the pet bed is usually refreshed with a new pillowcase.
Sustainability at its best!


Dog-bed-basket-high-end-quality-design-Bowl-leather-pet-interiors Dog-cushion-bed-exclusive-handmade-design-Lounge-pet-interiors Dog-cushion-bed-high-quality-design-Divan-pet-interiors

Hand-made in Germany

Hand made in Germany

We want that both humans and animals enjoy our high-quality pet products, for that we enlist manufacturing companies in Bavaria to produce our high-end pet furniture. All materials we use are coming from regional suppliers. Only the fleece fabric and the leather we buy in italy.

Durable produced!
A big producer of human mattresses makes the dog beds and pillows for us, here in Bavaria. We make no difference between human and animal in choice of materials and high-quality processing. For manufacturing the pet-interiors products, cuddly fleece from Italy, made for top outdoor clothing, is applied. The durable synthetic leather is normally used for the production of seats and interior in automotive industries. We purchase durable genuine leather and the stainless steel and metal components from manufacturers of upholstery industries. At least there are solid felt from sheep‘s wool, the ship rope and all wicker work from domestic production.
You do not acquire a mass-produced dog bed or cat pillow from an assembly line, instead, you acquire a handmade designer product!

Availability guarantee
If necessary, our cushion covers, scratch-wrappings or more loose items, can be bought even after years.If our pet furniture should be damaged by external factors or have become unsightly, you can enter it with us for repairs, even after years of use.

Production of special sizes
You do not find your preferred size of a dog bed or cat cushion in our program? No problem!We produce all our pet furniture here in Lichtenfels/Bavaria and also get all the required components out of the region. So we can quickly and easily respond to customer needs. Just ask us and we will do a offer for your desired pet furniture.


Cat-bed-leather-luxury-cave-house-exclusive-design-pet-interiors Dog-bed-design-leather-high-end-quality-exclusive-pet-interiors Dog-bed-luxus-design-orthopedic-high-end-exclusive-pet-interiors

Materials and Care

Material and care

Care of latex cushion

If necessary, the latex cushion can be machine-washed at 60º C. Drying at low temperature in the dryer.


For our animal furniture we only use felt 100 % made of sheep's wool. Our felts are natural products mechanically manufactured in Germany only by means of humidity, pressure and warmth; they are hardened without the addition of any binding materials or similar. This small felt basket has a base made from hardwearing needle felt.
Material: Felt 100% sheep wool, needle felt 100% Polypropylen

Care of felt
The felts we utilize are damp-resistant and can be perfectly cleansed with a wet cloth and a delicate neutral soap solution. In case of obstinate dirt, the felt can also be dry-washed.

Wool felt colours


It was the animals themselves that chose the fabric for the covers. During long test series we laid out the most varied types of fabrics here in the office, where our four-footed could lie down and sleep. The fleece we now use was unanimously selected by every cat and dog as their favourite material. Animals love this material because of its closely-woven pile, its softness and its warmth features. But this fabric is also suitable for cushion covers thanks to the breathable activity of the material and the good characteristics for its care. Our cosy fleece from 100% polyester, with a density of 400 g per square meter, is manufactured in Italy for high-quality outdoor coverings. It remains perfectly soft and fluffy even after frequent washing and has an anti-pilling system.
Material: Fleece 100% Polyester

Care of Fleece
Cushion covers can be machine-washed at 30º C and then gently dried in a dryer at low temperature. This enables to remove the remaining animal hairs.

Fleece fabric colours


Our pure Cotton is a durable canvas from Italy. The weaving technique of the canvas makes the fabric very durable, so it is perfect for our dog cushions and cat beds. That the fabric no longer shrink, it is pre-washed by 60°. We treated the fabric additionally with a plant enzyme that animal hair do not so much stuck in the tissue and are easy to remove.
Material: 100% Cotton

Care of cotton
Machine-washable at 60º C and are suitable for dryers.

Cotton canvas colour samples


Velour fabrics (velour comes from French and means velvet) are known for their softness. Our cuddly velour also comes from Italy and is particularly hard-wearing. With 45,000 scouring tours (for sofas one recommends fabrics with approx. 20,000 rubs), it is resistant and durable and ideally suited as a cover fabric for our dog and cat pillows.
Material: 100% PES
Weight 574g/lm
45.000 Abrasion Martindale
4-5 Pilling
4-5 Light fastness

Care of velour
Machine-washable at 30º C and are suitable for dryers.

velour colours


Incontinence Cover

The incontinence cover protects the interior of the dog cushion from liquid. Fluids do not penetrate into the inside of the cushion, which prevents an unpleasant odor. The underside of the incontinence cover is made of durable cotton. This ensures quick air exchange as soon as your pet lay down on the pillow.
Material: Incontinence cover Top: membrane layer: 100% polyester, carrier material 100% polyamide
Material: Incontinence cover bottom: 70% cotton, 30% polyamide

Care of Incontinence Cover
The incontinence cover is machine washable at 40°. Do not use in dryer, do not dry clean, do not iron

Cover crocheted

The cover is manufactured here in Bavaria. The cover is directly crocheted over a steel frame, out of a strong cotton yarn.
Material: 100% Cotton

Care of crocheted cover
The small baskets can be easily dusted using the hoover's brush attachment.

Haekelbezug Baumwolle

Faux leather

The artificial leather we use is both haptic and optic hardly to be distinguished from authentic leather. Faux leather has a functional, abrasion-proof surface that serves its purpose in a practical, long-lasting way. The abrasion test according to Martindale resulted in a value of 40,000. For comparison: good-quality fabrics for upholstered furniture have a value of 20,000. Furthermore, the material is equipped with a flame-retardant system.
Material: 83% PVC, 16% Polyester, 1% PUR

Care of faux leather
Neither artificial leather nor faux leather need any preserving treatments. To cleanse, simply wipe with warm water and a delicate neutral soap solution.

Faux leather colour samples


We manufacture the leather baskets using European cowskin, semi-aniline skin with a natural surface. The leather gains its peculiar look and the soft touch thanks to a special finishing process.

Care of leather
There are no specific cleaning instructions. Dirty areas can simply be cleaned with a wet cloth and cleansing agents usual in commerce (diluted, never concentrated) observing the instructions of the manufacturer of the specific cleansing agent.

Leather colour samples

Buffalo leather
The buffalo leather from Italy is dyed through and has an open-pored surface. This gives it its velvety soft feel and special look.

Buffalo leather colour samples


The braided baskets are also manufactured in a small factory here in Upper Franconia (Lichtenfels is the German 'basket city') in rattan cane. After being braded, the baskets are treated with an eco-friendly water varnish. The varnish fosters the braiding's stability and ensures a long durability.

Care of basket
The small baskets can be easily dusted using the hoover's brush attachment. Gross dirt can be removed by using a soap solution and a soft brush.

Disc base stand

Rondo's stand, which also comes from a small factory in Franconia, is handmade in stainless steel.

Care of Disc base stand
The stand in stainless steel can be easily dusted with a wet cloth and wiped with a dry cloth.



The right bed size for my dog

What is the best bed for my dog?

A suitable dog bed is part of the perfect dog equipment considering that puppies and even adult dogs spend a lot of time sleeping. It is worthwhile to think over buying the right dog bed to give your dog the much needed healthy and restful sleep. When choosing the right sleeping place the perfect size and also the sleep behavior of your dog is important. It is worthwhile to reconsider seiously, buying a dog basket. When selecting the right sleeping place for the dog not only the size but also the sleep behavior of your dog is important.

Why does my dog need a place to sleep at all?

An adult dog spends 16-18 hours a day sleeping or resting. In that case, the purchase of a high quality dog bed, possibly with orthopedic lying comfort, makes sense. Your dog feels safe and protected in his own bed and has a set place for restful and recreative sleep. Many elder or arthritis effected dogs need a joint-friendly dog bed. The right and suitable place to sleep for the dog improves quality of life immensely.

What is the right bed size for my dog?

To decide how the ideal dog bed should look like, you should look at your dogs sleeping habits. Does he love to curl up or does he sleep stretched out? He likes to lay on his back? Or he curls up and then stretches out again? If your dog loves to stretch out, a dog pillow or mattress, rectangular or square without a high edge is a good choice. Determine the optimal size of the dog cushion by measuring your dog while sleeping and add 20-30 cm. If your dog loves to curl up while sleeping, measure the longest side of the dog and add about 20-30 cm. The result is the perfect size for your dog bed in length or diameter.

How should be the place to sleep?

Observe your dog. He usually shows pretty much what he prefers. Every dog is different, we can only give a recommendation. Short-haired dogs love it more soft and cuddly, with an edge to lean on. These dogs love our pillowcases made from fleece fabric. All Divan cushions, as well as the pet baskets Arena and Siro are a good choice. Long-haired dogs are often better on smooth surfaces, since them will quickly get too warm through the long fur. For these dogs we recommend covers out of leatherette (Day Beds Peter and Paul) or microfiber Mary dog mattress. For large, heavy dogs we have developed our Lounge cushions. Chambers are stitched inside the dog cushion to prevent the high-quality latex filling from migration. The bed surface remains nearly straight and the recumbency characteristics are slightly firmer than these of our Divan pillows. Many elderly or arthritis effected dogs need a back-friendly dog bed. All our products are filled with orthopedic latex flakes or equipped with viscoelastic foam. Especially recommended are the DayBeds Peter, Paul & Mary and all the Lounge cushions. On request we can provide the CUBE dog bed with viscoelastic foam. The preferences of the berth can be quite different, day and season depending, and varies from dog to dog. Offer your dog different beds, if you have the opportunity to do so. Then he can decide himself.
It is particularly important that the roost is easy to clean. Dogs also love clean beds. Therefore, all our cushion covers are washable and replacement covers are available, even after years. Look to it that the filling does not crumple together or can be pushed through. Because that is not comfortable for any dog. Our high-quality latex filling has very high restoring forces. During all the years of our existence, it has still managed not a dog, to push through one of our cushion fillings. Should it ever happen that a dog pushes through to the ground one of our cushions, we will send an immediate replacement.
We promise!

Divan or Lounge cushion, which is better?

The Divan cushion is loosely filled with our premium high-quality Latex flakes. The animal may rummage around a little scrape and snuggle into the pillow wonderfully. The bed surface is softer than in the Lounge cushions. Cats and small dogs love and prefer this cushion type. Inside the Lounge cushions,, chambers are stitched also filled with high-quality Latex flakes. These prevent excessive migration of the filling inside the cushion. The bed surface remains nearly straight and is slightly firmer in the recumbency characteristics. Which cushion now is the appropriate one for your darling depends on the sleeping preferences of your pet.
Cuddling preferred = Divan cushion
Preferably straight lying, difficulty in getting up = Lounge cushion

How many pet beds should it be now?

It would be good if at least two berths would be made available for each dog (always one place more than dogs live in the house); the more the better. It is optimal when different berths with different characteristics are available. So your dog has the ability to change the berth and also the location as needed.

Where do I set the roost?

First of all align the roost there, where it seems most appropriate. Certainly, your dog will pick and choose the most pleasant place himself. Is this place ok for you, the question has been clarified. In any case, the sleeping place should be where the family is staying at the most throughout the day. The dog is a pack animal and wants to be near you. The sleeping place should be set up in a quiet room or corner. Your Darling should be able to pull himself back when he needs some rest. Not suitable is the entrance area, as there was usually restless approaching and the dog will often be disturbed. Also you should think about the noise next to his sleeping place. Close to the home stereo or TV, it is usually too loud for the dog.

Bed, Sofa or chair as a sleeping place?

You decide whether your dog is allowed to it or not. It is only important, to be consistent in the original decision.

The latest dog furniture trends.

The dog is a family member, which is also evident, that the pet bed can be integreted perfectly into your environment, without neglect the need of the animal.



Awarded Design

Do you love cats and dogs and great design?

If so, at pet-interiors you have come to the right place. Why must items of furniture for pets reveal their purpose at first glance? If so, at pet-interiors you have come to the right place. We create furnishings for your pet with an emphasis on design. Those people who like to surround themselves with unusual designs will find a small yet fine collection of "furniture showpieces" at pet-interiors which can be combined perfectly with a modern living environment.

With this new products we not only fascinated our customers, also the German Design Council. and we were nominated to the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany.


2005: Awarded the Design Prize for Upper Franconian Trade

2007: Nominated for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany


Cat-scratcher-design-luxus-Rondo-Stand-pet-interiors Cat-house-design-exclusive-Rondo-Stand-pet-interiors Cat-scratcher-design-exclusive-Rondo-Stand-pet-interiors