Our best Dog Bed

What makes a dog bed the best dog bed for my dog?

A dog doesn't care what the dog bed looks like or what colour it is. For our animal, the most important thing is whether it feels good in the bed, whether it is comfortable and whether it does it good. Unlike humans, a dog sleeps, dozes or rests between 16 and 20 hours a day. Therefore, the dog bed should really meet the needs of our favourite and be of a very good quality. Because our dog also rests badly in a worn-out bed, only he cannot communicate the uncomfortable comfort.

In order for the owner to be satisfied with their decision, the dog bed should be designed in such a way that it also pleases the dog owner. It is important that the dog bed integrates into the ambience of the home. After all, our dog is part of the family and its sleeping place should not look like a foreign body in our living environment.


So what criteria should I use to choose a dog bed for my four-legged friend?


What is the optimal size for the dog bed?

Observe the sleeping behaviour of your pet. There are dogs for whom the bed cannot be small enough. They love to sleep curled up and held tightly from all sides. For these cuddly sleepers, the Cube or Bloom dog bed is a very good choice. It gives the animal security, it feels safe and protected at the same time. The head can rest nicely on the raised edge, which also protects against draughts. The orthopaedic lying surface offers excellent sleeping comfort that leaves nothing to be desired. You can determine the right size for these beds by measuring the space required when your dog lies curled up in front of you. The lying surface may be slightly smaller than the measured surface.


Is your dog a long-stretched sleeper? Then you can calculate the space requirement as follows: if the dog is lying on the carpet in front of you and is sleeping, measure the lying area that the dog occupies. Add at least 20 cm on all 4 sides, then you have the right measurement. If you want to provide the dog with a pillow, you will have to calculate additional space for it.

Does your dog like to sleep stretched out and curled up tightly? Then, if you have the possibility, you should perhaps provide him with two dog beds.

Where is the right place for the dog bed?

Dogs are pack animals and prefer to be where the family spends the most time. So if you place the dog bed at the center of the family, your dog will be happy. However, the bed should be in a draft-free place. If the dog has a short coat without much undercoat, the sleeping place should be comfortably warm. If it is a long-haired dog with dense undercoat, the dog bed may well stand a little cooler. You can tell whether the dog bed is in the right place by whether your pet likes to go to its sleeping place on its own.

If you have the possibility, provide the animal with a second sleeping place in a quiet place. Even the most affectionate animal needs a retreat from time to time to find a restful sleep.


What should the dog bed be like?

Look for excellent quality, because your dog sleeps a lot and cannot complain about back pain. An orthopaedic lying surface (latex filling or viscoelastic foam) should also be used for a healthy dog. Dog beds with this filling support your dog's musculoskeletal system, joints and spine are kept in the right position and contribute to relaxation and regeneration. A chamber cushion is also recommended. In these special dog cushions, the filling is separated by chambers, it stays in place and cannot slip. This keeps the lying surface stable and almost straight.

Not only us humans, but also a dog loves to sleep in a clean bed. So if you have the option, buy a washable dog bed. At pet-interiors, all pillowcases, for the dog basket as well as for dog cushions, have a zip and can be easily washed in the machine and are tumble dryer suitable. Replacement covers are also available for each product, as a second cushion cover makes it very easy to keep the dog bed clean. The latex filling from pet-interiors also has the advantage that it is mite resistant and can be machine washed without any problems.

Dogs love to rest their heads elevated. If the dog bed does not have a corresponding edge, you can provide your pet with a suitable dog head cushion.


Is it important to pay attention to the origin of the dog bed?

If the dog bed is produced in Germany, you have already made an excellent choice. You can be sure that the dog bed has not been fumigated with chemicals. Because if the dog beds are shipped from Asia to Germany in containers, they have to be treated with massive chemicals to prevent them from moulding on the high seas. The use of chemicals also prevents the survival of small animals and insects that are typical for the country and have taken up residence in the containers.

Your beloved four-legged friend will thank you if you pay attention to excellent quality in his dog bed. And nothing makes us dog owners happier than seeing our beloved pet happy and healthy.