Our best dog matresses

Regardless of whether it is a healthy or sick dog, a puppy or a senior, the quality of the dog mat should always be the decisive criterion for the purchase decision, because normally a dog spends 16 to 20 hours a day dozing, resting or sleeping.

The appearance of a dog mat is not really important for the dog. Nevertheless, the good piece should please the dog owner. After all, the pet is a member of the family and lives together with us in our home. So it is important that the dog furniture is integrated into our ambience.

The best dog mat for your pet combines orthopaedic, healthy lying comfort with an attractive appearance.

What are the most important selection criteria for a good dog mat? Here we have put together the most important points for you.


What is the best dog mat for my dog?

1. How can I recognise a good dog mat?

The dog mats from pet-interiors are made of 100% medical memory foam (viscoelastic foam) with excellent support and resilience. We do not use a sandwich construction because our mats have the perfect degree of hardness for your dog. This also makes our mats easy to turn over, which increases durability and makes cleaning much easier.


2. What size dog mat is perfect for my dog?

To determine the perfect size dog mat for your dog, you can simply measure your pet. You determine the length of the mat by measuring from the base of the tail to the tip of the nose. You can calculate the width of the mat by measuring the shoulder height. Add about 30 cm on both sides and you have already determined the right size. However, I would not measure the width of the dog mat too narrow, because if the dog sleeps curled up, it needs more space in the width.


3. Where is the right place for the dog mat?

Dogs are pack animals and prefer to stay with the family. They love to be in the company of others. Perhaps you can observe your pet and see where they prefer to be with the family. If the place is suitable for them personally, then you have found the best place for the dog mat.

This usually changes with the change of season. In winter, place the dog mat in a place with direct sunlight. Because dogs also love it when the sun shines on their fur in the cold season. Of course, this does not apply to summer. Your pet needs a cool, shady place.

It should not necessarily be a place to lie down in direct transit traffic, for example in the hallway. If there is too much action, your dog will not get the rest he needs or a good night's sleep. Draughts or radiant cold from large panes of glass are also not very popular as a place to lie down. You can also tell whether the dog mat is in the right place by whether your four-legged friend likes to retreat to his sleeping place on his own.

4. What should the dog mat be like?

Of course, the quality of the lying surface is the most important thing about the dog mat. We only use medical 100% viscoelastic foam (memory foam) from the production for human mattresses. These are certified according to the Ökotex standard and are free of harmful substances. Our orthopaedic visco mats help your dog find the right sleeping position to fully relax and regenerate.

The dog mats with visco filling provide perfect muscle relaxation and soothing relief for the joints and spine by minimising pressure. They can relieve pain, promote blood circulation and a peaceful sleep. On the dog mats, your darling can regenerate completely, he refuels energy and wakes up refreshed and rested. This makes the viscoelastic dog mats from pet-interiors the perfect retreat for your pet. And because dogs love to rest their heads on a raised surface, we also offer matching pillows for the dog mats.


5. Is the dog mat easy to clean?

Every dog loves to sleep in a clean bed. After all, they are usually the first to make themselves comfortable in our freshly made beds. That's why all our dog mats are easy to clean.

The Mary dog mat has a washable cover, which can be quickly removed with its all-round zip, washed in the machine and covered again. The Romo and Peter dog mats are covered with imitation leather. The dog mattresses made of imitation leather only need to be wiped with a damp cloth to make them fresh and clean again.

The Paul dog mat is also made of imitation leather but additionally equipped with a dog blanket. The blanket is simply attached with a circumferential zipper and can also be machine washed at 40°. In addition, you will receive replacement covers for the Mary dog mat and replacement blankets for the Paul. This makes cleaning a breeze anyway.


6. Orthopaedic dog mat not only for arthritis.

An orthopaedic dog mat is a worthwhile investment in your pet's health. Healthy and sick dogs lie on a memory foam mat as if on clouds and the feeling of complete weightlessness delights all dogs. If your pet suffers from arthrosis, you can optimally support his medical therapy. If he is healthy, the dog mat simply delights him and he finds optimal regeneration and boundless well-being.


7. What are the advantages of a viscoelastic dog mattress?

The biggest advantage of the visco mattress is the adaptability and the high pressure relief. This is due to the very good point elasticity of the visco-mat. This is why these mattresses are also used in the medical field to protect patients from bedsores.

If you place particular value on excellent lying comfort and pressure relief, a memory foam mat (viscoelastic mat) is the best choice. In addition to the healthy pressure-relieving lying properties, the dog mat is also resistant to dust, bacteria and mites. Body heat makes the foam softer and it adapts perfectly to the contours of the body. The result is a healthy sleeping position with a well-supported spine at all times. If the sleeping position changes, the foam reacts slightly delayed, this is called the memory effect. This ensures a calm, relaxed sleep with maximum regeneration.


8. Dog Mat - made in Germany.

It is highly recommended to pay attention to production from Germany. This is the only way you can be sure that the product you buy is uncontaminated by chemicals during transport in the container ship. To protect the products from mould on the high seas, the containers are massively fumigated with chemicals before loading. This is also to make sure that no insects or small animals can get into them and reach Europe.

When purchasing our viscoelastic foams, we make sure that they are Oeko-Tex certified. As our dog mattresses are from a human mattress manufacturing company, you can be sure that you have bought a high quality and healthy product for your pet.