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Dog beds and cat baskets with an emphasis of design
orthopedic · durable · sustainable

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Perfect lying comfort

A dog or a cat sleeps about 14 to 18 hours a day. The ergonomically correct lying must be the most important criterion for the selection of a cat basket or dog bed. All of our products are filled with high-end latex, specially developed for us, or fitted with viscoelastic memory foam. These fillings offer your animal the best lying comfort and perfect support for the spine and joints.

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Handcrafted manufacturing

We at pet-interiors are proud of our manufacturing. From the first sketch to the final production, all exclusive dog cushions and cat beds are made by hand from high-quality materials with a lot of passion, heart and soul. Thanks to years of experience in development and production, we are able to create unique products that are loved by animals and humans alike.

Exquisite materials

For the high-quality manufactory products we use selected materials, which guarantee a long life. For the covers we use soft, durable fabrics. Cuddly felt and warm, robust leather are used for pillows and baskets. Our proven orthopedic fillings provide an indescribably comfortable lying feeling, which will convince dog and cat. With us you do not acquire a mass product from the assembly line, but a handmade, durable pet furniture that looks good even after years.

Material Details
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In Lichtenfels, Upper Franconia, we work almost exclusively with local suppliers for our sustainable manufactory production. Only the fabrics and leather are sourced from Italy. We are convinced that a climate-friendly way of working in harmony with people, animals and nature is the right way for a future-oriented company design.

Awarded design

You love animals and great design? Then you are exactly right with us. We manufacture furniture for your darling under the premise: Design must be. At pet-interiors you will find a fine selection of well-designed products for dogs and cats, ideally combined with a modern living ambience.


2005:Awarded with the design prize of the Upper Franconian handicraft
2007:Nominated for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany
Design Award of the Republic of Germany 2007
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5 years warranty

Trained, experienced hands have been creating exquisite, high-quality animal products in our manufactory for 20 years. We master and love our craft and pay attention to every detail during production. That's why we give a five-year guarantee on all dog beds and cat baskets against sagging cushions. Our products are designed for a long service life. The best materials and the option of being able to buy individual components later underline the high standard for sustainable products.

How it all began

Looking for a durable and beautiful pet furniture for our cat Mrs. Schmitt we, two product designers, unfortunately did not find anything. Without further ado, we decided, even to design the right product and to let it build here regionally in a small factory. The result of our work has given us and Mrs. Schmitt so confident that we decided to establish the company pet-interiors to sell the resulting quality and healthy design furniture on our own. At the beginning we focused on cat baskets, but due to the great success we expanded the collection after to dog beds two years. >> show more<< less

Already because of our job training, we place great emphasis on design but also on durable and sustainable products. Durable means for us that dogs and cats can use our design furniture optimally still after years and they are presentable for humans.
Sustainably that the products can be used very long in same good quality, that they are highly reliable but also just made ecologically. We also find it important that individual components, such as covers, can be bought for years to come. The basis of our design is a strong commitment to quality and usability.

Of course, in all design requirements, the benefits and ergonomics for the animals have to be in first place. Therefore, all dog beds and cat beds are equipped with a dimensionally stable, high-quality latex filling. It follows the individual shape of the animals optimally and the excellent point elasticity ensures that no compressive load presses on the spine and intervertebral discs. This latex filling has been specially developed for pet-interiors and optimized for the lying behavior of dogs and cats.

Our claim is that the people and the animals have very long lasting enjoyment on our pet beds. Therefore, we make all products by hand and with great attention to detail in small, selected Upper Franconian Factories. We use only materials which are Made in Germany as durable 100% pure new wool felt, durable semi-aniline leather and indestructible synthetic leather. The latex filling for animal pillows and the memory foam mattresses of our dog beds are made from a major manufacturer for Human mattresses from Bavaria, with no difference in quality in the material between humans and animals. Only the brushed wool fleece (selected by the animals in long test series themselves) for our pet beds we do buy in Italy.

Whether you prefer the shapely cat baskets or the healthy dog beds of quality, this style of pet-interiors furniture integrates perfectly into your living environment. Animal Welfare combines with human design standards, short cat beds that make the heart of man and animals later, can be ordered online with pet-interiors.