POOPOOPEEDO cat litter box

POOPOOPEEDO cat litter box

Finally, a cat toilet which looks very presentable.

Innovative design in black and white and perfect quality characterizes the cat toilet. The cat litter box out of ABS is made in France.


Is your cat litter box also an unwanted object in your home?
The puristic POOPOOPEEEDO cat toilet is therefore made for discerning cat owners who want to harmoniously combine utility and design.
It doesn't have to hide and fits perfectly into your living space as an elegant home accessory.
The large, round shape encourages your cat's natural behavior. Even large cats can turn, paw and scratch at will.

Tips for your cat's quiet place

How to find the most suitable location for your litter box:
  • Ensure easy accessibility
  • The toilet should never be too close to the food bowl
  • Choose a quiet location
Important properties for choosing cat litter:
  • Odor-binding
  • Clumps quickly
  • Harmless to health
  • Low dust
  • Environmentally friendly
Cleaning the litter box:
  • Daily cleaning, removing feces and all solid pieces
  • Weekly basic cleaning – Here the cat litter is completely replaced and the toilet is cleaned with warm water.
  • Use gentle cleaning products. Extreme odors can cause your cat to stop using the toilet.

Questions and answers about litter trays

What types of litter tray are there?

When looking for the right litter tray, there are open and closed variants. There are also closed litter trays with or without a flap. Cat litter trays come in different sizes, materials and functions.

Do cats prefer open or closed litter trays?

Every cat has its own preferences, which are also reflected in the use of litter trays. Many cats love open litter trays. They don't feel restricted there, can see everything and have several ways to escape in an emergency. Other animals prefer a closed toilet instead. Open toilets can have better air circulation and allow unpleasant odours to disappear more quickly.

Which litter tray is better?

Researchers at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine conducted a study to investigate whether domestic cats have preferences when using the litter tray and whether an open litter tray or a closed one is preferred. The results of the study were published in October 2012 in the "Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery". The results of this scientific study proved that there is no significant difference between using a closed litter box or an open litter box in domestic cats.

Which material is best for litter trays?

Hard plastic is an excellent choice for the litter tray. It is hard-wearing and easy to clean. Enamel is also ideal for the litter tray. The material is extremely robust and hard, the surface is scratch-resistant and easy to clean. The material also has the advantage that it does not absorb odours.

Closed litter tray with or without flap?

Choose a model without an entrance flap if you can do without a closed litter tray. This is a solution for your cats so that they feel less restricted despite the closed version and can still watch what is happening in front of the toilet.

What is the best size for a litter tray?

It is recommended that the litter tray should be at least 40 x 60 cm in size. It is advantageous to choose a larger litter tray. It is recommended that the height of the side walls is 20 to 25 cm. It is important that the entrance is no higher than 15 cm.

How many litter trays are needed?

As a rule, there should be one more litter tray than the number of cats living in the household. Animals like to defecate and urinate in two different places. You also avoid stressful situations if the litter tray is currently occupied or has been used by another cat.

Where should I place the litter tray?

It is important to position the litter tray correctly in order to use it effectively.

What is the best position for the litter tray?

The litter tray should be positioned in a place that is easily accessible for your furry friend and can be reached at any time. You should also make sure that it is a quiet place where your pets can work undisturbed. It is important to determine the best place for the litter tray.

Is it possible to place several litter trays next to each other?

Litter trays should be physically separated from each other. Your paws will perceive litter trays placed next to each other as a shared toilet.

How can you prevent cat litter from ending up in the home?

A mat in front of the litter tray can help to ensure that the litter that gets stuck to the cat's paws remains in the mat. A larger litter tray with higher sides can also help to ensure that the litter stays in the litter tray.

What type of cat litter is best for my cats?

Cat litter with minerals, cat litter with silicate and eco-litter made from plant fibres are available. Due to its ingredients, mineral cat litter is not particularly environmentally friendly. Silicate litter is more suitable as it binds moisture very well. Eco-litter, which is biodegradable and can even be disposed of in the toilet, is best for the environment. However, please make sure that the cat litter is odourless, as scented litter is unpleasant for cats and can lead to health problems.

How can I dispose of cat litter?

Mineral and silicate cat litter must be disposed of in a waste container. Ecological cat litter can be disposed of in the toilet.

How often should I clean my cat's toilet?

Cats are very thorough animals and meticulously bury their faeces. It is advisable to clean the litter tray every day to fulfil your cat's need for cleanliness. It is also advisable to empty the litter tray completely once a week, clean it and fill it with new cat litter.

What is the best way to keep the litter tray clean?

A cat litter scoop is required to clean the litter tray. The openings of the scoop make it possible to pick up only the faeces and the litter clumped by the urine, while the rest falls back into the litter tray. The long handle prevents contact with cat litter. Plastic cat scoops are cheaper than metal cat scoops. However, metal scoops are easier to clean and break less quickly.

How much cat litter should I put in?

The height of the cat litter should be between five and ten centimetres to ensure that your cats can bury their faeces and urine properly.

How can I prevent the litter tray from smelling unpleasant?

Scented litter should not be used to avoid bad odours from the litter tray. This is extremely unpleasant for your cats and can even make them ill. Alternatively, you can add baking soda to the cat litter. Use about 50 g per litter tray.

Are there litter trays that clean themselves?

Self-cleaning litter trays remove cat faeces and clumps from the cat litter either manually or fully automatically. However, cleaning is not completely possible without your help. The soiled litter is collected in a drawer, which must be emptied and cleaned every day. However, a self-cleaning litter tray makes cleaning quicker and easier.

How can I teach a young cat to use the toilet?

If other cats already live in your home, your little kitten will learn by imitation where to defecate and milk. If there are no role models, it is important to get your cat used to the litter tray as soon as you move in. You can play with your hand in the fresh litter. This makes it more interesting for the little house cat and helps him to go to the toilet. Cats quickly understand what the litter tray is for as they appreciate a quiet and safe place to do their business. If an accident occurs, it is advisable to be patient and not to punish your cat. Good behaviour should be regularly rewarded with rewards and recognition.

What else can I do if my cat simply won't go to the litter tray?

It is possible that you have chosen the wrong litter tray for your cat or have not yet found the right location. If everything is perfect but your furry friend still stays outside the litter tray, stay calm and don't punish them. To hide the misfortune, always use cat litter. Your cat will associate cat litter with its distress. If your cat has understood this connection and has actually used the toilet, you should praise her. Give her treats and reward her with kind words and cuddles.