The best dog basket for my dog

What makes a good dog basket?

Ultimately, every dog is absolutely indifferent to what its dog basket looks like. However, every dog loves a comfortable place to sleep, because a dog rests, sleeps and dozes between 16 and 20 hours a day. For the animal, it is enormously important what its retreat is like. The dog wants to feel safe, comfortable and at ease. He should feel so comfortable in his dog basket that he voluntarily retreats into it.

The appearance of the dog basket only plays a role for masters and mistresses. So that the dog bed does not look like a foreign body in our home, it must integrate well into our living environment. After all, our pet is part of the family and this should also be reflected in its bed.

So choose a dog basket for your 4-legged darling that is distinguished by excellent quality and convinces with perfect lying properties. And if it also looks good, you have made the perfect choice.


What are the most important selection criteria for a dog basket?

1. How do I determine the optimal size and shape for the dog basket?

Before you decide on a dog basket, it is advisable to first observe your dog's sleeping behaviour.
Does he prefer to sleep curled up? Then you can opt for a square (Boox by pet-interiors) or round dog bed (Mila or Bloom by pet-interiors).

The best way to determine the space requirement here is when your dog is curled up sleeping in front of you. Measure the length and width of the lying surface, then you have determined the size of the lying surface.

Does your dog prefer to sleep stretched out? Then an oval (Arena by pet-interiors) or rectangular (Bowl by pet-interiors) dog basket is the perfect choice. You can easily determine the optimal space requirement for a long sleeper. Measure from the muzzle to the base of the tail and add 30 cm, that is the length of the lying surface. For the width of the lying surface, measure the shoulder height and also add 30 cm.
If your dog likes to sleep in both positions very much, then you better tend towards the rectangular bed in which both sleeping positions are possible. Alternatively, if you have the means, you can also provide your dog with two dog baskets. He will then choose one of the two beds, depending on how he feels.


2. Where is the right location for the dog basket?

Dogs like to stay close to the family, because dogs are known to be pack animals. However, a few points should be taken into account. It is best to observe your dog where it prefers to settle in the house or flat. If possible, place the dog basket exactly there. Of course, this can change depending on the season. In winter, you can also put the dog basket in a place with direct sunlight. Just like us, your four-legged friend loves a few sunny rays in the cold season. It goes without saying that this place is absolutely taboo in high summer. What should also be taken into account is that the dog basket should not be placed in the middle of through traffic, as this is a very difficult place for your pet to rest. The dog basket should also not be placed in a direct draught and not in front of a large window pane that gives off radiant cold in winter and acts like a burning glass in summer.

If the dog basket is in the right place, your dog will be very happy to visit its sleeping place of its own accord in order to find restful sleep.


3. How should a dog basket be?

The most important thing about the dog basket is the quality of the mattress. You know yourself what it's like to sleep on a bad mattress. Unfortunately, your 4-legged friend cannot complain about back pain in the morning. He spends 16-20 hours a day sleeping, dozing and resting. So the mattress or dog pillow must be of excellent quality, preferably orthopaedic, of course, and that from the very beginning. Whether it is a latex filling or a viscoelastic mat is not so decisive. The orthopaedic lying surface supports the sensitive joints and spine and contributes to the dog's relaxation and regeneration. A chamber cushion is recommended for a dog cushion. In the chambers, the filling stays in place, cannot slip and the lying surface remains almost straight and stable. This makes the dog basket the perfect retreat for your dog.

Dog baskets with a high back are preferred. This provides support for the animal, making the dog feel wonderfully safe and protected. The head can be placed on the raised edge, which dogs love. If there is no possibility of resting the head, you can also choose a suitable pillow for the dog basket for your pet.

4. Is the dog basket easy to clean?

Just like us humans, your pet is thrilled to sleep in a clean dog basket. At pet-interiors, all covers are washable and there is a matching replacement cover for every pet bed. All cushions and mats are therefore equipped with a zip to make cleaning as easy as possible. Even the fabric-covered borders on the Boox beds can be removed and washed in the machine. And the best part? The latex filling of the cushions can also be put in the washing machine at 40°C and dries super fast in the sun. The latex filling is mite-resistant, but sometimes a little mishap happens that requires a wash cycle.


5. Dog basket - made in Germany?

Yes, you should pay attention to where the dog basket for your darling was produced. Only then can you be sure that it is as uncontaminated as possible from chemicals. Almost all dog baskets are produced in Asia and transported to Europe in containers on ships. To prevent the goods from moulding on the long journeys, the containers are fumigated with chemicals before loading. In addition, this also prevents insects and small animals from surviving the transport and being imported to Germany.

You will make yourself happiest if you provide your dog with an excellent quality dog basket. Because nothing is more beautiful in the world than having your beloved pet healthy and lively and by your side for a long time.