So you should search in our archive and read to see what the press has to say about our high quality animal products.

There are lot of nice publications about our pet furniture. Our design requirements for cat beds and dog baskets inspire journalists as well as our customers. Browse through the many press reports and be inspired.

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Zeit für Tiere

Edition: Juli 2017

Capree Kimball has reported on Dog milk about us: The Lounge Rose cushion is might be the most comfortable dog bed ever.

dog in Town

Edition: Juni/Juli 2017


Schöner Wohnen

Edition: 01/17

So that your darling feels like being at home while traveling, pack just this little dog bed in the trunk. The cushion cover is washable."

Dog in town

Edition: 17/16

"Markus Mensch has reported on Monaco de Luxe about us.

Monaco de Luxe

Edition: 02/16

Kristin Philipp wrote: Could you have imagined that this is a litter box ? To facilitate the cleaning, the top can be removed. The toilet is supplied with a shovel and two anti-odor tablets.

Lübecker Nachrichten

Edition: 04/2016

"Into the pet basket!

Dogs Avenue

Edition: 11/2015

Topping the wish list: Dog Bed CUBE made of leather or imitation leather in 3 and 4 colors, as well as dog basket BOWL made from leather or imitation leather with soft latex pillow in 9 trendy colors."

The Kitty Telegraph

Edition: 9/2015

"Marie-Sophie Robin wrote: So sweet


Edition: 9/2015

"Something nice for Kitty

Lisa Wohnen

Edition: 7/2015

All materials of these cushions and beds are from Germany."

Dog milk

Edition: 5/2015

Monaco de Luxe

Edition: 2/2015

Unfortunately we can not read what was written about our pet beds. But we are sure it is very friendly.


Edition: 2/2015

Rattan basket - this orthopedic dog bed presents itself with stylish braided pattern."


Edition: 1/2015



Edition: 01/2015

Do not disturb - these soft cuddly places let even a demanding room-tiger gently purr."

Lisa Wohnen & Dekorieren

Edition: Dec/2014

"Lisa wrote: Visitors from the planet of the velvet paws

Traum Wohnen Magazin

Edition: 4/2014


Modern Decoration Home China

Edition: 08/2014

Casa Deco

Edition: 06/2014

Finally a cat litter box that does not have to hide: Poopoopeedo from pet-interiors, available in many colors.

Lavish Tails Australia

Edition: may/2014

Each and every design is constructed with a pets comfort in mind, as well as considering the integration of the product into modern living environments.


Edition: 2/3/2014

Planet of the Cats. Per UFO in the world of Christmas, it's for Lucy and her kind. With Poopoopeedo a design Hideaway lands on the highest level!"


Edition: 7/2013

"Shirin Nameghani wrote: spoon time

Zuhause Wohnen

Edition: 7/2013


Dog's Avenue

Edition: 4/2013

mein schönes zuhause

Edition: 12/2012

mein schönes zuhause wrote: Rondo Stand replaces the traditional cat tree. Curious domestic cats keep an overview and can sleep invisible and soundproofed in this cat condo.


Edition: 12/2012

Pauline von Thurn und Taxis wrote: The dog scratching object is wrapped with sisal and allows the cat to sharpen claws on the "enemy" rather than to the furniture.

Lisa Romance

Edition: 05/2012

Lisa Romance wrote: I want to lie down and cuddle! Dog cushion DIVAN with fleece cover and latex filling in various sizes and colors.

Romantisch Wohnen

Edition: 05/2012

Romantisch Wohnen wrote: An ideal resting and relaxing location is the rattan dog bed ARENA of pet-interiors. Special feature is the high-quality, orthopedic latex filling.

Exklusive Wohnwelten

Edition: 04/2012

Exklusive Wohnwelten wrote: The sound of cats claws on your favorite furniture makes you see red. The solution is the scratching post in shape of a labrador dog. Design Erik Stehmann.

freundin DONNA

Edition: 10/2012

freundin DONNA wrote: Gone to the dog. Your cat and you have a new best friend. It is called DOG and is completely compatible because of peaceful polyester resin. The scratching post in shape of a dog is a real highlight.

Servus Magazin

Edition: 10/2012

Servus Magazine wrote: As the cat on the dog comes: Erik Designer Stehmann want that his beloved four-legged friends also live in a comfortable atmosphere. DOG is wrapped in sisal and a great scratch object.

Lisa Wohnen & Dekorieren

Edition: 05/2012

Lisa Wohnen & Dekorieren wrote: The orthopedic dog cushion DIVAN DUE make every dog happy and satisfied. Available with high quality latex filling and washable fleece cover in various colors and sizes.


Edition: 03/2012

M.U.T. Magazine wrote: With NOOK in the realm of dreams. Due to the triangular shape, the dog basket fits perfectly in every small solid angle. Felt and fleece covers comes in many different varieties.

Wohnen & Garten

Edition: 09/2012

Wohnen & Garten wrote: Puristic design. Clean lines and the orthopedic filling make the dog bed to a perfect place. The pillow is filled with 100% latex.

Martha Steward Living

Edition: 05/2012

Martha Steward Living wrote: With love for design: luxury sleeping place for cats out of high quality felt.

Trends Home

Edition: 04/2012

The chinese magazine Trend Home reports in detail about our high-end pet furniture.


Edition: 02/2012

The czech magazine Nasdom reports in a great article about our CUBE dog furniture.

Wohn Idee

Edition: 02/2012

Wohn Idee wrote: luxurious furniture for luxurious animals: In such a exclusive visual- and sound-protected cat bed your cat feel protected and safe.

Stilvoll Wohnen

Edition: 03/2011

Stilvoll Wohnen wrote: STONE is the name of this chic leather dog bed that provides orthopedic and healthy sleeping comfort for your four-legged companions. The older the dog pillow with the extraordinary form gets, the more beautiful it becomes.

Exklusive Wohnwelten

Edition: 04/2011

Exklusive Wohnwelten wrote: The orthopedic dog bed DIVAN DUE is pillow and dog blanket all in one.


Edition: 10/2011

Casamia wrote: This fancy cat tree is a perfect sleeping place. The RONDO STAND out of felt let cats heart beat faster and also enjoys the design-oriented cat owners.


Edition: 10/2011

Einfamilienhaus wrote: Cosy nest for cats and comfortable viewing platform: The oval cat cave for wall mounting can be additionally provided with a scratch cover.

Traumwohnen & Genießen

Edition: 06/2011

Traumwohnen & Genießen wrote: The dog basket SIRO TWIST with its comfortable and orthopedic latex pillows provides a comfort and a quiet, restful sleep.

Homes & Gardens

Edition: 10/2011

Homes & Gardens wrote: The ergonomic dog baskets and cat beds delight humans and animals. They are available in fashionable colors and shapes and support the joints by viscoelastic mattresses.


Edition: 05/2011

Landhaus wrote: The comfortable sleeping place acts because of its naturalness as atmospheric accessory for man's best friend. The slightly different cat basket.


Edition: 04/2011

all4pets wrote: Top or bottom? The exclusive pillow for turning around! The orthopedic dog bed DIVAN TRE is equipped with a high quality latex filling, specially optimized for dogs.

Leichter Leben Sonderheft

Edition: 05/2011

Leichter Leben Sonderheft wrote: Play with me! cat toy made out of felt, which flits perfectly over smooth floors.


Edition: 02/2011

crazy4dogs wrote: The dog cushion with high quality latex filling is optimized according to specific orthopedic criteria, is dimensionally stable, durable and hardwearing.


Edition: 07/2011

casamia wrote: Balm for the dog soul and a different kind of treat: the DIVAN dog pillow. Each is unique and each side is different designed. A animal cushions with high quality latex filling.


Edition: 05/2011

Maxima wrote: High seat! This noble cat furniture is a designer piece for hunters on gentle paws. Made of brushed stainless steel, finely crocheted with cotton yarn, fluffy pillow. Precious the price: around 679 €.

Blog dog milk

Edition: 04/2011

Blog dog milk wrote: Blog dog milk wrote: The new dog basket Siro Twist is far from your average, boring basket. The nicely rounded exterior is a grayish silver rope. Specifically optimized for animals according to specific orthopedic criteria.


Edition: 04/2011

Moments wrote: Wildly beautiful. So far, the cat basket or dog bed was certainly no eyecatcher - at least not in terms of the design. The pet furniture from pet-interiors are different.

Blog theinteriormotive

Edition: 01/2011

Theinteriormotive wrote: Love your home? Love your pets too? It may sound superficial but you decide to overhaul your home, you spend time and money making it look great and then you have to add a rather ugly looking cat bed.

Traumwohnen & Genießen

Edition: 01/2011

Traumwohnen & Genießen wrote: The leather cushion is the perfect throne to make „sit“. The dog bed is soft, elastic, very quietly, thus ensuring good and healthy sleep.


Edition: 12/2010

Maxima wrote: Royal lying in CROWN Felt. Comfortable cat bed invites not only to relax but also to play under the felt foliage. With high-quality latex filling for optimum comfort.


Edition: 05/2010

all4pets wrote: What could be better? To relax after a long walk in his cozy dog bed in front of the fireplace.

Blog gatos en casa

Edition: 09/2010

Blog gatos en casa wrote: Ten comfortable cat houses and cat beds of pet-interiors.

Dogs Avenue

Edition: 06/2010

Dogs Avenue wrote: Every dog feels comfortable here. The beautiful design, traditional processing and the excellent sleeping comfort characterize the CUBE dog bed.

Blog Dog Milk

Edition: 04/2011

Blog dog milk wrote: Blog dog milk wrote: Pet Interiors has a new dog bed called LOUNGE. Since it's made like a patchwork quilt, each one is unique.

Rich Girl

Edition: 11/2010

Rich girl wrote: I think that it is not news that girls love pets. Almost every girl I know has a cat or a dog, sometimes both and not just one. Celebrity girls, for example Mischa Barton has two dogs Charlie and Ziggy and only God knows how many dogs...

Damask & Dentelle

Edition: 09/2010

Damask & Dantelle wrote: The two designers Christel & Otto Meyer created the pet furniture collection RONDO, roomy enough for big and small cats. There are two versions of cat beds, one mounted on the wall, the other version as a stand on the ground.

Moderndog Magazine

Edition: 10/2010

Moderndog wrote: Lend your living room some serious style with this 60‘s-style. CUBE dog bed in leather or, if you prefer, faux leather.

if its hip its here

Edition: 07/2010

If its hipp its there wrote: The ultimate gift for cosmopolitan dog lovers. Dog poo bags, designed by jungeschachtel, are the most stylish, hygienic and environmentally friendly way to pick up that stinky stuff your canine leaves behind.

Casa e imóveis

Edition: 08/2010

Casa e imóveis wrote: Crocheted cat basket RONDO on a stainless steel base. Available in five colors.

Bild der Frau

Edition: 31/2010

Bild der Frau wrote: Our cat Fin is part of the family. We want that he lives just as beautiful as we do. In May Fin was taken out of the shelter and we bought a designer cat furniture for him. Fin feels very comfortable in it, and that is our top priority!


Edition: 02/2010

all4pets wrote: Pure nature and the sky full of toys! The handmade cat basket has a extraordinarily comfortable size and it is mainly the special lying comfort that characterizes this cat bed.

Blog cattio

Edition: 04/2010

Blog cattio wrote: Stylish design of pet.interiors! The sun warms nicely after the night rain. Our morning grumpy cat Diesel was out all night and now she lay down in her comfortable cat bed.


Edition: 09/2010

Freundin wrote: Noble residential properties for pets. "When we get our cat Frau Schmitt, it was clear that our cat needs a climbing ability. But such a horrible scratching post did not come into my house.“ Christel Meyer designed the perfect pet bed.

Zuhause Wohnen

Edition: 09/2010

Zuhause Wohnen wrote: Everything for the man's best friend: Pet accessories to order online. Cat and dog beds with healthy latex filling fits into any living environment.


Edition: 01/2010

Angelique Vindevogel wrote: Refined design. What a beautiful cat sleeping place. The pet bed puts the cat in the right light. Thanks to the various types (felt, leather, rattan), the cat tree fits in any modern interior.


Edition: 06/2009

all4pets wrote: A cat pillow in holiday look. The red cuddly cushion with his silky finish and high quality latex filling combines style, stability and exceptional comfort. Christmas spirit guaranteed!


Edition: 10/2009

Moderndog wrote: Splurge. Whether in genuine Leather or faux for the eco-conscious Fido, pet-interiors chic handmade Bowl dog bed is just the thing for modern mutts intent or lounging.

Homes & Gardens

Edition: 01/2010

Christa-Maria Sopart wrote: Dogs dreams. Treat yourself and your best friend a good night's sleep! The dog pillow bed guarantees best relaxation. The cover is made of warm aniline leather that can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth.

Der Bauherr

Edition: 06/2009

Der Bauherr wrote: With the cozy dog bed CROWN from pet-interiors, there is no reason to hide the dog bed. The extravagant sleeping space for the dog comes in felt. Thanks to the different color combinations it is a real eye-catcher.

SZ Magazin

Edition: 32/2009

Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin wrote: If you have a dog, there is no bad weather. And here also the correct clothes and best dog beds.

Blog at home with Kim Vallée

Edition: 08/2009

Kim Valée wrote: Kim Valée wrote: Two years ago, I told you about the stylish cat beds. I particularly like the Rondo cat bed. Their inital success led Christel and Otto Meyer to start pet interiors. The launched a collection of upscale dog beds that is as...

Möbel Kultur

Edition: 07/2009

Möbel Kultur wrote: Very good. Christel and Otto Meyer from Lichtenfels (Bavaria) changed dog baskets and scratching posts in best design furniture for pets. Important: The products must comply certain criteria before production.


Edition: 03/2009

all4pets wrote: The base in brushed stainless steel persists the jumps of larger cats. The metal structure of the cat bed is upholstered with felt, cushion covers are made from brushed fleece.

spezial wohnen·bauen·leben

Edition: 21/2009

wohnen·bauen·leben wrote: Design must be, for animal furniture too. Retro and absolutely trendy: The RONDO STAND special edition. The crocheted luxury cat bed brings the vintage look of the 70s into the house.


Edition: 03/2009

Elisabeth Freundlinger wrote: Even with the pet-furniture-company pet-interiors is first tasted with human eyes. "Our customers like to invest in a contemporary cat furniture, which integrates perfectly with a stylish home.“

Das Haus

Edition: 03/2009

Das Haus Title picture: Our cat furniture on the cover of DAS HAUS!

Wohnen Träume

Edition: 01/2009

Wohnen Träume wrote: Eye to eye with the cat. Anyone who has ever lived with a cat knows that dogs have masters, cats personnel. The divas among domestic animals of course prefer cat beds at an appropriate level.

Sheba Magazin

Edition: 12/2008

Sheba Preisrätsel wrote: Exclusive Sheba Christmas present to win: A timelessly beautiful design cat bed. Fine materials, colors of your choice. Additional info on pet-interiors.

Neues Zuhause

Edition: 02/2008

Neues Zuhause wrote: Perfect things for cats. Here in this stylish cat cave your feline friend can climb, sleep and enjoy the view.


Edition: 11/2008

Ankica Nicolic wrote: RONDO STAND, an action and rest cat furniture in one. Oval metal structure with braided rattan and stainless steel base. For small and large cats it is the perfect cat bed.


Edition: 03/2008

Jennifer Falmbigl wrote: Perfect craftsmanship with comfort guarantee! In this luxury cat basket your beloved feline sleep like in heaven.

Sweet Home Taiwan

Edition: 03/2008

The magazine SWEET HOME TAIWAN shows our high-quality cat beds.

Country Homes

Edition: 03/2008

CountryHomes wrote: The cat basket CROWN consists of sheep's wool and has a base made from hard wearing needle felt. The cushion filling with non-allergenic latex flakes provides stability and give perfect lying support.

Lena Creativ Special

Edition: 08/2008

Lena Creativ Special wrote: Double succeeded. Pleasant for pets and aesthetically compelling for the pet owner. These two requirements are distinguished from the program of pet-interiors. The furniture is made in small batches. Like this cozy cat bed made of pure wool felt.

Neue Presse

Edition: 17/06/2008

Neue Presse wrote: Gap in the market: Christel and Otto Meyer take care about high-end pet beds. A "beautiful scratching post" for the cat is a must have.

besser Wohnen

Edition: 06/2008

Denise Seidl wrote: Design furniture for animals. If dog and cat to curl up on her favorite place, it is more often a designer piece. Mrs. Schmitt, the cat by Christel and Otto Meyer, do this on her cozy cat bed.

Architectur Digest

Edition: 06/2008

AD wrote: Non profi model Harry, the Italian Greyhound on our photo, welcomes the new DIVAN dog bed in any case with a delighted highly sniff.

Das Haus

Edition: 05/2008 Rubrik Hallo Hund

Das Haus wrote: Bedtime. Shoo shoo into the basket. The soft fleece pillow will soon become the new favorite place. Pet bed made of felt with latex cushions. From pet-interiors.

Purina Gourmetmagazin

Edition: 06/2008

Purina Gourmetmagazin wrote: Excited: We were successful with the cat bed Bowl Felt that met our three main requirements: comfort, elegance and functionality (everything is removable and washable). Perle was very pleased with our purchase.


Edition: 02/2008

Jennifer Falmbigl wrote: Sleep well little puppy! As you can see, it take not very long until the little bully asleep. Treat your favorite well with a blissful sleep. This dog bed can be found at pet-interiors.

petra magazin

Edition: 04/2008

Petra Magazin wrote: Lounge for cats. The cat basket RONDO STAND has even received a design award. RONDO and the CROWN cat bed can be ordered from pet-interiors.de.


Edition: 01/2008

All4pets wrote:

Courrier Japon

Edition: 11/2007

The glossy magazine COURRIER JAPON has discussed our pet furniture.


Edition: 12/2007

The christmas special in DOGS MAGZINE shows our dog beds BOWL and ARENA in felt.


Edition: 06/2007

Jennifer Falmbigl wrote: Cats find the pet beds incredibly fluffy and very soft. As a place to sleep with design quality, they are ideal. Whether in a small city apartment, in a stylish loft or in the spacious house.

New York Times

Edition: 10/2007

NYT wrote: Good design, happy cats? Cool for cats high end furniture offerings for cats now on the market include, clockwise from top:...the Rondo Stand cat scratcher from pet-interiors...

Red Magazine

Edition: 10/2007

Red Magazine wrote: Red Magazine wrote: Cat sleeping house out of felt and fleece.

Maison D'aujourd'hui

Edition: 10/2007

Maison D'aujourd'hui wrote: Designed for leisure and recreation. Cats can climb, play or sleep in the cat tree. They can also sharpen their claws on these special scratch covers. Available in four colors, washable ...

Eigen Huis

Edition: 10/2007

Eigen Huis wrote: The RONDO cat cave of pet-interiors is available in different colors and materials such as felt, leather or rattan.


Edition: 09/2007

Jolie wrote: Luxury pet lounge. Award-winning design cat bed from pet-interiors.


Edition: 31/2007

Gala wrote: Thanks to the noble RONDO STAND cat furniture your little kitten sleeps befitting.

Casa Basic

Edition: 35/2007

Hamburger Abendblatt

Edition: 06/2007

Susanne Speckter wrote: Beds and playground for dogs and cats. Enhances any living room: The RONDO cat basket from pet-interiors has been nominated for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Bilanz Homes Magazine

Edition: 05/2007

Sandra Geiger wrote: Beastly beautiful: stylish beds for dogs and cats. CROWN cat basket is available in six colors.


Edition: 12/2006

All4family wrote: Day bed BOWL Felt. Here the pet can spend the day! The cat bed made of felt offers comfort and style. The cushion cover is removable and machine washable.

Immo Kurier Vienna

Edition: 10/2006

Immo Kurier Vienna wrote: Sharpen claws, climbing, sleeping, the RONDO pet furniture fulfills all the needs of cats. The RONDO cat cave of pet-interiors can also be mounted on the wall.

Top Living

Edition: 01/2007

Top Living wrote: Finally there is an appropriate christmas decoration for the design conscious cat. The edition of the Rondo stand puts your beloved cat in festive mood. It is secured with a Velcro closure at the cat house.

Camomilla Magazine

Edition: 10/2006

Camomilla Magazine wrote: Camomilla Magazine wrote: Lover of animals and design are on the rise, this is nothing new. But absolutely new is the website that is dedicated to design lovers and their cats. A collection of amazing cat beds in contemporary design.

Tierisch Treu

Edition: 05/2006

Tierisch Treu wrote: Ideal for spoiled little pets: Design furniture for cats. Cats can live out their playfulness, whet the special scratch covers her claws, sleep and climb. The base is made of brushed stainless steel.

Zuhause Wohnen

Edition: 04/2006

Zuhause Wohnen wrote: The decorative configuration cat tree made of felt stand on a stainless steel base. RONDO is available in different colors and materials. A fleece pillow provides extra comfort.

Life Magazin

Edition: 01/2006

Life Magazin wrote: A designer basket for Mrs. Schmitt. Christel and Otto Meyer live with woman cat Mrs. Schmitt in Lichtenfels. When the two product designer lookout for a stylish cat bed and have not been able to find one, they designed...

Homes Garden

Edition: 02/2005

Homes & Garden wrote: It is not necessary to see the purpose of a cat beds and scratching post immediately, thought the product designer Christel and Otto Meyer and founded 2004 the company pet-interiors. They produce a small but fine collection of designer furniture for pets.

Für Sie

Edition: 16/2006

Für Sie wrote: A trendy cat bed for your beloved pet. The precious oval shelter perched on a stainless steel base.


Edition: 03/2006

All4family wrote: Mouse-free zone. This little cat toy made of felt replace every rodent. It slip quietly through any smooth floor, can be hunt and satisfy the energetic playfulness of your cat.


Edition: 03/2005

Micaela Scapin wrote: Micaela Scapin wrote: Design for whiskers. They searched for a cat basket and were not able to find a design piece for her cat Mrs. Schmitt. Therefore, the two designers founded pet-interiors to bring stylish cat beds and dog baskets to the market.

Wohnen Bauen Leben

Edition: 06/2006

Wohnen Bauen Leben wrote: Mrs. Schmitt, the cat lady loves her haven. It matched perfectly on any modern living environment. Pet-interiors offers a small but fine pet furniture collection for animals who appreciate luxury.

Your Cat

Edition: 02/2006

Your Cat wrote: Your Cat wrote: Design furniture for cats.

Geliebte Katze

Edition: 12/2005

Geliebte Katze wrote: A soft cat cushion with removable cover in different colors. From pet-interiors.de.


Edition: 11/2005

Kattliv wrote: NEW! Cat furniture with style. Christel and Otto Meyer are a German couple who design these pet products in their company.

Tier Bild

Edition: 05/2005

Tier Bild wrote: The ultimate cat basket. Only the best: cushion fillings with anti-allergenic latex flakes, the finest covers made from brushed fleece.

Raum und Wohnen

Edition: 09/2005

Raum und Wohnen wrote: Nothing is as ugly as the classic scratching post for cats. This thought the designer couple Christel and Otto Meyer, as they were in search of a suitable product for her cat. They decided to move the thing...


Edition: 08/2005

All4family wrote: Must have! The cat furniture Rondo is not only a bed but also a climbing object for cats who love the extraordinary. And all cats love this.

Casa Viva

Edition: 21/2005

Casa Viva wrote: Why do cat beds and scratching posts show their purpose at first glance? The company pet-interiors has addressed this issue and created an entire collection of furniture for the discerning pet.

Grund Genug Special

Edition: 05/2005

GG wrote: GG wrote: Design is a must, thought Christel und Otto Meyer as they established their company pet-interiors last year. This innovative firm‘s stylish collection of objects and furniture for pets can be easily combined with modern interior settings.

Zuhause Wohnen

Edition: 05/2005

Zuhause Wohnen Extra wrote: Design for the cat. Chic leather basket for four-legged friends. The pet bed is also available from rattan or felt with cover to scratch for claw sharpening.

Living at Home

Edition: 03/2005

Living at Home wrote: For us cats, RONDO STAND is the perfect cat basket. My people can choose between the basket, felt, leather and different colors for the cushions. Alternatively, we propose RONDO WALL for free climbing.

Für Sie

Edition: 14/2005

Für Sie wrote: Hot cat! Cat bed CROWN has a cushion heating and is available in many colors.


Edition: 10/2011

moderncat wrote: New elegant & modern cat beds from cat-interiors.

Münchner Merkur

Edition: 02/2005

Münchner Merkur wrote: Design for cats. Amazing, what the couple Christel and Otto Meyer has thought, namely design furniture for cats. These include Rondo objects, cat beds and scratching posts in different colors and designs.

Tier und Co

Edition: 01/2005

Tier und Co wrote: Snuggly places and climbing areas. A scratching post and a cozy place needs every little kitty. How about this cat beds here? Designer bed for cats out of felt will appreciate any cat certainly. Exclusively in the pet-interiors online shop.


Edition: 01/2005

Prima wrote: Designer bed for the cat. Ms. Smith the cat from designer duo Meyer is very excited about the new cat bed made of felt, which was specially designed for her. You can find this and more unusual cat furniture at pet-interiors online.


Edition: 01/2005

Helene Schwab wrote: All for naught. Shortly before Deadline, I, my computer and the question of the ultimate object which would make the ambience implode any apartment, styled by the standards in nanoseconds...

Lisa Wohnen

Edition: 12/2004

Lisa Wohnen wrote: Design for the cat. Your kitty cat would buy Rondo. Corbusier was the inspiration. In addition to the stylish design a traditional cat tree would not fit into a modern ambiance.

Meine Katze

Edition: 04/2004

Meine Katze wrote: Beautiful home & scratch! A scratching post and a cuddly cat basket should cats call their own. We will present three unusual manufacturers who have dedicated themselves to the very particular.