The best dog cushion for large dogs.

Large dogs usually not only have a special shoulder height, but also a great weight. Therefore, it is not only the size of the dog pillow that is important, but much more a high-quality interior in the dog pillow that optimally supports the large dog while sleeping. Since joint problems (hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, arthrosis, arthritis...) are the most frequent illnesses that occur in large, heavy dogs, special attention should be paid to the right dog pillow for large dogs right from the start.


What should the interior and filling of a dog cushion for large dogs be like?

Since a dog spends an average of 15 - 20 hours a day sleeping or resting, it is most important to provide your pet with the optimal dog cushion for large dogs. The inside should definitely be orthopaedic. Whether it is a high-quality latex filling (dog pillows from pet-interiors) or a viscoelastic memory foam filling (dog mats from pet-interiors) is of secondary importance. Orthopaedic dog cushions optimally relieve the joints and spine and offer the right support. When choosing a dog cushion for the big dog, look for particularly good quality and, above all, high point elasticity and volume weight.

Dog pillows for large dogs with a high volume weight support the change of position when sleeping, reproduce the individual body shape of the dog well and promote recovery and regeneration. Dog pillows with high point elasticity and volume weight retain their stability and shape for a very long time, they are permanently elastic and dimensionally stable. With this dog cushion, you can also be sure that the lying comfort will be consistently good for years and that the dog bed will not become worn out after a short time.

For a large dog, you should also make sure that the dog cushion is a chamber cushion. This means that the cushion has several chambers in which the filling is placed. This has the advantage that the filling stays in place, it cannot slip and the lying surface remains consistently well filled.


Latex filling

Another advantage of latex filling is that it is allergy-neutral, antibacterial, heat and moisture regulating. Latex has antiseptic properties and is mite resistant. It is also absolutely silent during movement, which in turn leads to a healthy, restful sleep. And best of all, you can wash the filling.

How important is it to make sure that the dog cushion was produced in Germany?

If you want to do something extra good for your pet, look for a pillow made in Germany. You can be pretty sure that it has not been fumigated with chemicals. In order to transport dog cushions for large dogs to Germany in containers, these are fumigated, on the one hand to protect the transported products from mould and on the other hand to ensure that no animals from the respective production country come on board to Germany. Incidentally, this applies to almost all textile products that are transported in containers on the high seas.


How do I determine the right size dog cushion for a large dog?

Even if the dog only sleeps curled up, the dog cushion should still be large enough for the animal to lie down stretched out every now and then to relax. To determine the perfect size of dog cushion for a large dog, it is beneficial to observe your pet's sleeping habits. For example, if he is lying on the carpet in front of you, you can measure the required lying area with a tape measure. Add at least 20 cm all around and you will have the optimal lying area.


Does my large dog need a pillow?

Dogs love to have their heads elevated. In addition, the right pillow relieves the animal's cervical spine. However, it is better to choose a rectangular format, because the pillow needs some space on the dog cushion for large dogs.


What else can I look out for to keep my big dog healthy?

Joint problems in large dogs can be positively influenced and prevented with a healthy diet. It is also extremely important to keep an eye on the dog's weight. Every kilo too much can lead to health problems and overweight puts unnecessary strain on the joints. In addition, a large breed of dog should not jump too much and climb stairs.