A cat cave to fall in love with

What is the best cat house?

A felt cat house is the best retreat for your pet. Just like us humans, cats love to sleep and find peace in a quiet, soundproof environment. And since our four-legged darlings sleep between 12 and 16 hours a day, it makes sense to provide them with an ergonomic sleeping accommodation.

Each of our cat houses, whether made of felt or plastic, comes with a comfortable cushion with our high-end latex filling. These pillows offer orthopaedic sleeping comfort, the spine and joints of the animal are supported to the maximum, so that nothing stands in the way of optimal regeneration. Our felt cat houses are the perfect retreat for your velvet paw.


How do I find the best place for the cat house?

Unlike a cat basket, the cat house is an enclosed space in itself. This opens up the possibility of placing the cat house in the way that suits you best. Your cat will immediately recognise this retreat as its own and claim it as its own. Because cats love to sleep in a quiet, protected place. The felt absorbs the noise of the day and sensitive animals in particular find the peace and quiet they need in the cat houses after an exciting mouse hunt or playing with you on the sofa.


How do I keep the cat house clean?

First, it is recommended to remove all cat hair with the upholstery brush of the hoover.
Our felt cat houses are made of 100% wool felt, which naturally has a natural impregnation due to the wool grease. Add some moisturising shampoo or neutral soap to warm water and clean the cat house with a not too wet cloth. You can simply place the plastic cat house in the shower and rinse it off.

The cushion in the cat house has a cover made of cotton, fleece or velour.
All covers can be machine washed at 40°C and are tumble dryer safe.
The pillow interior with the latex filling can also be put in the washing machine if necessary and if it is spun at high speeds, it is ready for use again within a few hours.


Exclusive felt cat house produced with love and care in Germany.

We produce all our high-quality products for cats and dogs in our factory here on the upper Main valley. We also source the materials we need within a radius of 50 km and can therefore manufacture sustainably. How can we produce so regionally?
The region here in Upper Franconia is famous for its basket-making craft. An extensive upholstered furniture industry has developed from this tradition. And we benefit from the supplier industry that has developed from this and can purchase all materials close to the company, including our packaging materials.

The idea of sustainability runs through our entire company philosophy. To ensure that the cat houses can be used for a long time, we offer replacement covers for all cushions. If the felt cover of the cat house has become unsightly, we will be happy to make just the outer cover for you. And if something should have broken, we will repair it for you.
From the felt remnants we punch cat toys, key rings and make the shipping protection for the Rondo feet. Fabric, leather and fleece scraps are given to kindergartens and social institutions. Foam scraps are returned to the foam supplier, who shreds the scraps and makes new products from them. In this way, we keep our waste volume very low.