What is the very best cat bed?

What makes a good cat bed?

All cats have in common that they love to sleep cosily, comfortably and comfortably. Since our 4-legged darlings sleep and rest for up to 20 hours a day, the choice of cat bed should be well considered. Our cats should rest ergonomically and in a way that is easy on their joints, while feeling safe and secure. The cat bed should be designed in such a way that your cat will want to return to it again and again.

The appearance and colour of the cat bed, on the other hand, is quite indifferent to the animal. Since our pets are members of the family and live in our home, this can also be seen. After all, the cat bed should also please us and fit into our beautifully designed ambience.

Therefore, look for a bed for your cat that meets both requirements. A cat bed with excellent lying properties that is a perfect, high-quality retreat for your cat. If it meets your requirements for quality and design, you have made an excellent choice.

What should I pay particular attention to when choosing a cat bed?

Here we have compiled everything you need to know about buying a cat bed. How do I find the right size, what is the perfect shape and how should the cat bed be made, is described in detail. We also give detailed tips on the right place to put the cat bed, how to clean it properly and why it is important to pay attention to where the cat bed is made.


1. What is the right size for the cat bed?

To determine the right size of cat bed, it is advisable to first observe your cat's sleeping habits. If only one animal is always lying in the bed or if several cats cuddle together, this must of course also be taken into consideration.

Normally, cats love to sleep curled up tightly and protected from view. They also love to lie in a confined space, held tightly from all sides. For these preferences, pet-interiors has developed the Boox or Bloom cat bed. In it, the kittens feel safe and firmly held from all sides. This small size was originally produced by mistake. Because the tiny bed looked so cute, we gave it to our office cat Gisela. And what can we say, even when it's 32°C outside, she loves to sleep safely and comfortably in this little bed, held tightly on all four sides. Often we only hear a contented purring from the depths of the basket. This is how the most amazing products are often created by mistake.

If your cat likes to sleep higher up and in a cave, the Rondo cat bed is the perfect choice. In this cat bed, your darling has a good overview and still lies securely and protected from glances. The Rondo is equipped with a viscoelastic lying cushion that offers perfect, orthopaedic lying comfort. It is also equipped with a back cushion that closes off one side of the cave so that the kitten also lies protected towards the back. You can also remove the foam cushion, then your darling can climb in and out from both sides and also use the Rondo as a playground. If the Rondo is equipped with a matching scratch cover, the cat bed replaces the classic scratching post.

The Cosmo cat bed is recommended for cats who love a free, elevated place to sleep. The orthopaedic latex cushion allows ergonomic lying pleasure, the two back cushions provide support and protection and yet your darling has everything in view. The Cosmo cat bed is also so large that the cat can rest stretched out for a long time, it also offers enough space for two people to cuddle comfortably in it.


2. Where is the best place to put the cat bed?

Cats love to lie somewhat elevated. If possible, somewhat hidden, so that they can lie protected and have everything in view. They also like to be warm and cosy, some of them even on quite hot days.

A preferred sleeping place is the windowsill. The heating warms from below and the kitten can watch life outside and especially birds. Our LOUNGE and DIVAN cushions are ideal for the windowsill. If there is no suitable size in our portfolio, just ask us for a special size. We will be happy to make you an offer.

A cupboard is also used as a sleeping place. Here, too, you can place a suitable cushion or basket for your pet. The sleeping place should be stable and stand firmly on the surface so that it does not tip over or fall down. Our Gisela is very fond of her BOOX basket, right on top of the filing cabinet. She enjoys her privacy in it, has a good view of everything, or sits blissfully in front of it.

If your cat is already a senior and no longer moves so well at height, place the basket on the floor in a quiet place protected from draughts. It is nice if she can observe the world outside through floor-to-ceiling windows. You can tell whether the place for the cat basket is perfect by the fact that your darling likes to retreat into it on its own to find a well-deserved sleep.

3. What is the best cat basket?

The most important criterion for buying a cat basket is the quality of the sleeping surface. Since cats sleep and rest up to 20 hours a day, the sleeping surface should be orthopaedic and ergonomic if possible. You know yourself how awful it is to have to spend the night on a thin, inferior mattress. Our orthopaedic latex filling and also the viscoelastic pillows in the Rondo ensure that your pet's sensitive joints and spine are supported in the right way. The ergonomic filling of our lying surfaces ensure optimal relaxation and contribute to regeneration. In this way, the right cat basket becomes a wellness oasis for your pet. We have already had enquiries as to whether there are cat magnets in our cushions, because the animals no longer crawl into bed with their owners :-)

A cat basket with a high back is very gladly accepted. Such a support as on the ARENA or SIRO cat bed offers the kitten protection and security. A cat basket that is closed all around, such as the BLOOM or BOOX cat bed, is also a classic that will convince even the most sensitive cat.

Of course, the cover of the cat basket is also important. Cats love it especially soft, cosy and above all clean. We offer replacement covers for all our products. They have a zip and are therefore easy and quick to clean and change. So you can change the covers depending on the season, your needs and new colour preferences. The cosy fleece or velour for the winter, the cooling, soft cotton for the summer. You can also order incontinence covers for all our products. This protects the cat basket should a small mishap happen.


4. Is the cat basket easy to clean?

Who does not know this? When our beds are freshly made, our cat is the first to help and enjoys the clean bed before we do. You can also offer your kitten this luxury in his own cat basket. At pet-interiors all covers are zipped, machine washable and there is a matching replacement cover for every basket and cushion in different materials and colours. Even on the BOOX and BLOOM cat basket, the fabric-covered border can be removed and washed. And if a small mishap should happen, the latex cushion filling can also be easily cleaned in the washing machine at 40°C. Our mite-resistant, ergonomic latex filling dries super fast in the sun and is ready for use again the same day.


5. Cat basket - made in Germany?

It is essential that you pay attention to where the cat basket for your pet was manufactured. This is the only way you can be absolutely sure that it is not unnecessarily contaminated with chemicals. Basically, almost all cat baskets and cushions come from Asia. They are transported to Europe in container ships. To ensure that the products do not start to mould on the high seas due to the resulting humidity and temperature differences, the containers are fumigated with appropriate chemicals before departure. And a second time, so that insects or smaller animals that have settled in the containers do not survive the transport and are not imported to Germany.


6. What is a sustainably made cat basket?

We at pet-interiors can justifiably claim that our products are sustainable. We manufacture all products in Lichtenfels/Bavaria. All necessary components are also sourced from the region. A centre of the upholstered furniture industry has developed here on the Obermain. We benefit greatly from this and can purchase all components, from foam to shipping cartons, in our region. This means that distances are short and nothing is transported halfway around the world.

Our products are made by skilled workers using the best materials and with great attention to detail. This means that our cat baskets, cat cushions and cat beds will last at least a cat's lifetime. Since almost all components are washable, the cat bed is clean and well-maintained for years. So you don't have to buy a new cat basket every year and dispose of the old one. From the very beginning, your pet will have a cat bed with excellent, ergonomic lying properties, which will not lose any of its quality right up to the end. It is not uncommon for the cat basket to be spiced up with a fresh cover and made available to a new 4-legged family member.

Make your cat happy by providing it with a cat basket of the best quality. This will make you the happiest of all, because almost nothing is as beautiful in the world as watching your pet blissfully slumbering and being healthy and content by your side for a long time.