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Calming dog bed washable BOOX in farbic

Calming dog bed washable BOOX in farbic

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Handmade in Germany by pet-interiors

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The new favorite place: calming dog bed washable BOOX!

Smart and extremely comfy. The washable dog bed BOOX is the feel-good island with a high cuddle factor for your 4-legged family member. Your pet feels completely protected by the all-round edge. Your darling will find peace very quickly and sleep safely and snugly in this calming dog bed. The cushion is equipped with our proven ergonomic latex filling. The border is firmly filled with upholstery foam. This guarantees long-lasting shape retention, that dog and owner can enjoy it for a long time. The cover of the edge and the cushion can be easily removed and washed thanks to an all around zipper.

What is the best dog bed for my dog?

The size indicated is based on the cushion dimension
Size 40 x 40 cm:
lying surface 30 x 30 cm, outside 60 x 60 cm, height 30 cm, incl. Divan cushion 30 x 30 cm

Size 45 x 65 cm:
lying surface 35 x 55 cm, outside 60 x 85 cm, height 30 cm, incl. Divan cushion 45 x 65 cm

Size 65 x 80 cm:
lying surface 55 x 70 cm, outside 85 x 95 cm, height 30 cm, incl. Divan cushion 65 x 80 cm

Size 80 x 80 cm:
lying surface 70 x 70 cm, outside 100 x 100 cm, height 30 cm, incl. Divan cushion 80 x 80 cm

Size 80 x 100 cm:
lying surface 70 x 90 cm, outside 100 x 120 cm, height 30 cm, incl. Divan cushion 80 x 100 cm

Size 100 x 100 cm:
lying surface 90 x 90 cm, outside 120 x 120 cm, height 30 cm, incl. Divan cushion 100 x 100 cm

Size 100 x 120 cm:
lying surface 90 x 110 cm, outside 120 x 140 cm, height 30 cm, incl. Divan cushion 100 x 120 cm

Cover surrounding and cushion cotton: 100% cotton, durable & cooling, abrasion tours 25.000
Cover surrounding and cushion velour: 100% polyester, cozy & durable, abrasion tours 45.000
Filling 4 surrounding cushions: 100% upholstery foam
Filling inner lying cushion: orthopaedic 100% high quality latex cushion
Inner cushion cover: 100% cotton
5-year guarantee on the pillow fillings
Lying surface as memory foam mat on request
Material samples for the calming dog bed BOOX on request.

Hair is best removed with the upholstery brush of the vacuum cleaner.
Cover surrounding and cushion: washable at 30° in the washing machine, suitable for tumble drying
Cushion filling: washable at 30° in the washing machine.

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Velours colours

Cotton colours


BOOX dog bed washable

For your beloved four-legged friend, we present our washable dog bed BOOX, which is a symbol of luxury and functionality. To give your dog the ultimate relaxation experience, our dog bed is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, combining elegant design with unparalleled comfort.

With the Boox washable dog bed, slumbering becomes a cozy experience. The soft velor cushion is available in eight subtle colors and blends seamlessly into your living space. It is the absolute highlight of your interior.

Lying comfort


The cushion is filled with elastic latex foam flakes that adapt perfectly to the dog's body shape and therefore ensure maximum comfort. The orthopedic latex foam is permanently elastic and provides optimal support for the spine while relieving pressure on the joints. Our dog beds are not only comfortable, but also sustainable. Stable foam side panels support the head and keep the bed in shape even with frequent use.



Inspired by the finest European craftsmanship, our dog bed features a stylish yet practical design that will blend seamlessly into any modern interior. Our bed is made of high-quality, durable materials, robust upholstery fabrics, leather and faux leather, and offers your four-legged companion long-lasting support and comfort.



What sets our washable dog bed apart is its effortless care. Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning as our bed is fully machine washable, making care a breeze. Simply remove the cover, throw it in the washing machine and enjoy a fresh, clean bed for your dog.



Designed specifically for your dog's well-being, our dog bed provides optimal support for joints and muscles, promoting better sleep and overall health. Whether your dog likes to stretch out or curl up, our spacious yet cozy design easily adapts to their preferred sleeping position.

Enhance your dog's lying experience with our washable dog bed, the perfect blend of style, comfort and practicality. Treat your furry friend to the luxury he deserves and make his nap extra special.